Monday, March 14, 2011


As I'm sure everyone already knows, Japan was hit with the largest earthquake in its recorded history on Friday, March 11th at about 2:30 pm. When it happened, I was in the staff room at work at my desk. The epicenter of the quake was in Miyagi prefecture, which is far enough away from where I live (Gunma) to where the damage in my area wasnt severe, but close enough to where I could certainly feel the quake. It was about a 5 or so on the scale where I live. When it was happening, I had no idea how powerful and devistating it was. I went outside the staff room with some other teachers and we waited for about 2 whole minutes until the quake finally stopped. Smaller quakes and after shocks continued throughout the day. Train services were suspended and high ways were shut down. As you can probably imagine, I just ended up staying home all weekend drinking with Ryoko. Currently gasoline supplies are pretty much completely out around here. Hopefully they will get more soon. I am also quite worried about the nuclear reactor in Fukushima that is having a melt down... Fukushima isnt all that far from where I live, but I live far enough so that at the moment I am not in any immediate danger.

I just figured I should type something on here to let people know that I am ok. I just hope that the people that I know who live in north eastern Japan are ok...

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