Monday, January 26, 2009

Blog post #68

I had to work late on Friday to monitor some students taking a standardized English test. That meant I had to take the next train than usual. The trains in my town run very infrequently… maybe only once every hour. The test ended and it was already getting dangerously close to the time when the next train would be leaving. If I missed that one I wouldn’t make it to Tokyo until 2 hours after I usually get there. I went home and changed my clothes extremely fast and grabbed my backpack. When I got to the train station I parked as fast as I could (which was pretty half ass) and made a dash for the stairs to go up to the train platform. I made it just as the train pulled up.
On the way to Tokyo on the train, I watched Snakes On A Plane on my PSP, it was my first time seeing the movie. All I have to say about that movie is LOL!
When I arrived in Shinjuku, I went to Sportsland to check what time the G3 ranbat would start tomorrow. Start time was 2:30. No one was really playing at Sportsland so I headed to Vegas. It was pretty packed and a good amount of well known players were there. It’s the first time I saw Osaka B in a while too which was cool. Matt was already there when I got there. Rod would be busy all weekend doing something else. For whatever reason, I kept a record of every single game I played Friday night at Vegas, and here it is!
3 wins vs Jam
1 win vs Millia
Same Millia rematches me and I lose
I moved to a new cab which was between Osaka B and Matt. Got a win against a Chipp.
Matt was playing against the same Millia I was fighting before after that. I told him if he wins Ill give him a snus but he lost 3 times. For a while no one was playing me after I beat the Chipp so I told him I would handle the Millia and told him to just play my game vs the computer on the other cab. I then beat the Millia player. Now I was stuck with an interesting situation.. I had a credit in both cabs. For a while, no one played me again so I was just playing against the computer on both cabs at the same time. I guess you could say I was double Fausting (pun intended). After beating the computer like 2 matches on each cab, an Anji challenged me on one of the cabs. I started playing against him and then a Slayer challenged me on the other cab. I had 2 rounds won vs the Anji and just needed one more and then maybe I would have time to make a comeback vs the Slayer who was beating my other defenseless Faust. I sorta got too anxious and lost the next round vs Anji, and by then it was too late for the other Faust. Too bad. I then proceeded to beat Anji so from then I just played the one credit.
I then beat the Anji one more time
Got 2 wins vs Sol
1 win vs Eddie
1 more win vs Chipp
Then Nakamura got on the cab and beat me twice in a row.
I played him one more time and perfected him during round 2. He then answered with a perfect of his own in round 3, but then I counter perfected him AGAIN in round 4 for the win.
Then Osaka B got on and beat me twice but they were both super close.
Then I won vs Slayer
Won vs Venom
Won vs Sol
Won vs Anji
Then lost twice to Sol
Then beat pumpkin Ky 3 times (this guy whos always there who uses Orange Ky)
I finally ended the evening by beating Matt 6 times in a row, though hes getting harder to beat. I see improvement in him.
After that the 2 of us got some food and headed to Current. It wasn’t so packed tonight. There was just the usual Current staff working, about 10 people from Cirque de Soleil, SPG Chris, and Bosch. Matt and I sat and talked with Chris for a while and stayed for maybe like 2 beers and then we decided to just go to GODZ.
GODZ was a little more lively. A good crowd was there for GODZ. We mostly just requested lots of metal and stuff and drank more. There was this young couple there and the one guys girlfriend was really drunk and being really flirty and we sorta talked with them for a bit. The dude was saying he was in some band and was having a concert on Sunday and said he would put us on the guest list to go see it but I didn’t really want to go and was gonna go to a Blazblue tourney anyway. I think he was just talking out of his ass in any case. After GODZ closed at 5 we all went our separate ways to go sleep.. my way being the manga kissa.
Saturday I woke up and didn’t even eat, I just wanted to get lots of practice before the ranbat. I went to Vegas and not a single person was playing GG. I then went to Sportsland and a couple guys were playing so I just stayed there the rest of the time before the tournament. I kept a log of all my casuals before the ranbat at Sportsland as well… and here it is!
I started by playing some pink Slayer for 8 games in a row and the score was 7-1 in my favor.
Won 2 vs Jam
Lost 2 vs Johnny
Won 5 vs Johnny
Won 1 vs Ky
Lost 1 vs Venom
Won 1 vs Venom
Won 1 vs Johnny
Won 1 vs Jam
Won 1 vs Johnny
Lost 3 in a row to I-no and they were all like by a pixel. This guy was good though.
I played him again and won 1.
After that I went to go register for the tournament. MIU was there again to run things. Shoot was also there working but he was just walking around doing typical work like switching out dirty ash trays, pushing in stools, and wiping down screens. He told me he will focus on BB for SBO this year.
I played a few more casuals after registering. I lost once to a May player (I hate May), then I lost to Zero once, then I lost to Mitsurugi once. After that I rematched Zero and not only did I beat him, but I did so without losing any rounds and I ended his small 14 win streak. I beat some other guy and then he rematched me and I lost but it felt nice to at least get a win on him.
Around this time they switched 2 of the cabs onto event mode freelplay and the tournament would start shortly. Some dude was talking with me a bit and gave me props for beating Zero. Shortly after, the tournament started. Lots of big name players were there once again and there was once again something like 80 entrants. Brackets were also once again created by everyone randomly drawing numbers. A few noteworthy matches I saw during the first round were…
Karun vs Mitsurugi. This was the very first match of the tournament. Not only did Karun win, but he did so without losing a round and got a perfect on round 2. Poor Mitsurugi got 2nd place last time and this time hes out first round.
Tsu (the Eddie I lost to last time) lost his first match to some unknown Ky. Also, Mugen fought Zero first round and Mugen won!
It was now time for my first match. I was to face a Johnny player named Maruyo. I beat him pretty well the first round. 2nd round I had a good lead and eventually he had a pixel of life left. He fought back pretty hard and started to get a comeback on me and got me down to a pixel as well. With 3 seconds left on the clock, I squeezed in a jumping HS and took the game.
After that I saw Takare (the Eddie who won the Inaka tournament last weekend) play against the same Ky who beat Tsu and this time Takare won. It went down to round 3 but Takare took it with a perfect.
My next match was once again vs a Johnny player. This time his name was Johnnyo. I won the first round. The 2nd round was pretty close but he ended up taking it. He started to play completely differently and I was a little thrown off. For the 3rd round, I think I pretty much just stayed in the air too much and was playing too defensive. I should have been more aggressive and tried to rush him from the ground a bit more. I ended up losing and that was it for me. Another match where I really felt like I could have won it but just didn’t play that well. Tough shit for me.
After that I just played casuals for a while and was once again a bit pissed at myself but I tried to shrug it off. I didn’t keep a record of any more casuals at this point but I won a few and lost a few. Eventually people started to clear out and I noticed the tournament was over. I checked who won and the winner was Karun!
At this point I was getting really hungry. Matt said he was gonna come soon but I had no idea when and I didn’t eat all day so I just headed to Wendys for a quick meal and picked up a cigar on the way.
After eating I headed to Vegas. At this point, everyone from Sportsland had moved to Vegas and there were even more players there that didn’t even go to the ranbat! Matt showed up soon after too. Baim and Ririko were there and we were talking with them for a little bit. I also talked to Kawin (spikey haired Potemkin) and he said that hes teaming with Inoue this year for SBO.
We played against lots of good players. For a while I was going really even with Takare’s Eddie, pretty much going back and forth. Eventually he started to pull away and was getting a big streak vs lots of people including Matt and Ririko. Eventually Matt beat him! I also played Kazuki a lot and was getting really close but didn’t beat him. Zero must have been out for blood after his first round tourney loss cuz he ended up beasting the shit out of everyone and Vegas and got a 43 win streak. He eventually lost to Ain’s Ky (the guy who looks like Japanese Floe). When I talked with Ririko for a bit, I asked her if she had an SBO team yet. She said not yet. I asked her if she wanted to team up sometime and she said ok. Not sure if its gonna happen or not but we will see. I also asked Baim why she didn’t go to the ranbat and she said she was too busy shopping for clothes LOL. Towards the end of our time playing, I played a few games vs Ririko but I couldn’t beat her. I hadn’t fought Bridget in forever and her Bridget is really good. It was getting late and I had been playing all day. Also Matt was pretty hungry so we decided to go head out. On the way out I said bye to Ririko and told her sorry for not playing good vs her.
Matt and I stopped at an Izakaya for some food and a few beers before heading to Current. This time Current had a little better of a crowd with a decent amount of regulars there but it wasn’t like crazy packed. Antii was there with his girlfriend and it was cool to drink with him cuz I hadn’t seen him in a while. Also Heidi, Ja, Mu, Rina, and Hibiki showed up. Mogi and Sushi were working the bar. Tonight was actually Matts birthday. There was no big party but Sushi told me that since its Matts birthday, I could DJ for most of the night! Sweet! Matt likes a lot of the stuff I usually play so he said he wanted me to DJ. I got on pretty soon after arriving. Here was my first set list.
Symphony X – The Edge of Forever
Children of Bodom – Silent Night Bodom Night
Alice Cooper – It Rained All Night
Sonata Arctica – My Land (live)
Minstry – N.W.O. (request)
Dream Theater – Lines in the Sand (live)
Dragonforce – My Spirit Will Go On
Hardcore Superstar – Wildboys (request)
Pink Floyd – Welcome to the Machine
Metallica – Disposable Heroes
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Give It Away
ACDC – If You Want Blood, You Got It
The Darkness – One Way Ticket (request)
Sonata Arctica – Replica (live) (request)
After that, Sushi told me to take a break and he DJed for a little bit. During this time I smoked my cigar and talked with some people for a bit. After a little while, I was on again and DJed till the end of the night. Heres my 2nd set.
Mr. Big – Mr. Gone
System of a Down – Question (request)
Led Zeppelin – Misty Mountain Hop
Judas Priest – Electric Eye
Iron Maiden – 2 minutes to Midnight
Jimi Hendrix – Foxy
Kansas – On the Other side
Rush – Bastille Day
Edguy – Hair Force One
John Mayer – Gravity (request)
Children of Bodom – Are you Dead Yet? (request)
Queen – I want it All
Muse – Stockholm Syndrome
Buckcherry – Sorry (request)
Megadeth – Hanger 18
Alice Cooper – Lost in America
Megadeth – Washington is Next
Symphony X – A Winter’s Dream (pts 1 and 2)
Skid Row – 18 and Life (request)
Dream Theater – Prophets of War
Focus – Hocus Pocus (request)
Mariya Takeuchi – Koi no Arashi (request)
Tom Petty – Don’t Do Me Like That
Boston – Forplay / Longtime
Loudness – Crazy Doctor (request)
Queen – Fat Bottom Girls (request but I almost played it earlier)
Iron Maiden – Run To the Hills (request)
ACDC – It’s a Long Way to the Top if You Wanna Rock and Roll
After saying goodbye to everyone, Matt, Heidi, and I left and headed for PSY to drink some more. PSY was pretty packed. Lots of people, including me, bought Matt a shot. I had one too. He didn’t pass out but he did throw up. I didnt see it happen but he said he did and I dont really doubt it haha. We drank till closing, got some drunken food and then we both went to sleep at the manga kissa.
We woke up the next day and Matt had to leave cuz he had to take care of some business, so I headed to Alpha Station by myself to enter the Blazblue tournament. There were a lot of people there for it. I think about maybe 40 people entered. Tons of top well known GG players were there. This was a 2 on 2 tournament. I didn’t have a partner but they took a few single people and then matched them up with partners through random number drawing. I got paired up with a Noel player named Serisawa. He plays as Millia in GG. I played only maybe like 3 games of BB casuals before the tournament started. This was the first time I played BB all weekend. I wanted to play yesterday but the GG comp was too insane and I never got around to it. Ive probly only played like 5 games of BB other than these within like the whole last month so I was pretty rusty to say the least. I didn’t win any of my casual matches but they were all against good players, such as HH’s Rachel. The level of shit people are doing in this game now is just crazy. I don’t even know whats going on sometimes haha. Before the tournament started, there were tons of people waiting to play casuals after a while, so I didn’t have much chance to play much. My partner, Serisawa played a game of GG against a Baiken player who speaks good English that I met before sometime last year. He lost to him and then it made me wanna play, so I got on the cab and played some GG. I beat him and then he rematched me and I lost. Karun started playing GG casuals too on the cab next to me. I ended up playing a few more games of GG cuz I kept winning vs some Sol and then it was time to start BB.
Our first match was against ABEGEN (Tager) and Kiro (Arakune). Kiro being the same yellow Faust player ive posted about many times before. A pretty rough team to have to fight first round. I won RPS vs ABEGEN and chose our side. Serisawa told me to go first. It was me vs ABEGEN. I held out pretty ok for a little but in the end I ended up losing. I pretty much just forgot about like half the options I have and should have played a lot more before the tournament. After the match in retrospect I can think of so many things I could have done that I just completely forgot about. Cant really say I played very well but I also cant say im surprised. Up next, Serisawa went against Kiro. It went down to the last round but he ended up taking out Arakune! Next was Serisawa vs ABEGEN. Serisawa did a really great job and took a round but ABEGEN’s Tager was just too much and we got eliminated first round. I wasn’t the least bit upset, but I did feel bad for Serisawa cuz I didn’t play so hot. He wasn’t upset at all though.
After losing, I ended up playing some more GG while the tournament was still going on. With the tournament going there were only 2 cabs for BB casuals and LOTS of people waiting to play. Some people were playing GG but not enough to where you had to wait long. I played a lot of games vs Serisawa and went undefeated against his Millia. At this point I had an 8 win streak and during our next game, suddenly the game just froze! LOL! I think ive only seen that happen once in my whole time in Japan. Not even sure why cuz all I was doing was standing punch and Millia was just starting to run forward. In any case, eventually the guy unfroze the machine and I played some more games. After some games with various people, eventually there was this one orange ABA player there and he and I ended up playing against eachother for maybe between 1 and 2 hours! I don’t remember the final score of our set but we were going back and forth and I think maybe he got like 1 or 2 more wins than me. He was a smart player, nailed all his big combos, had good footsies, and was good at baiting safeguards. After our last game together, I got up and went to talk to him. I told him I was gonna go get some food cuz I didn’t eat yet all day. I thanked him for the good games and told him he was strong. He told me I was too. I asked him if he had an SBO team yet and he said no. I asked him if he wanted to team up sometime and he said he would be happy to. We exchanged cellphone info. He goes by the handle “Ni”. Ive never heard of him before, but hes a solid player so I would be glad to have him on my team.
After that, I headed to Sukiya and got some food. When I came back, the tournament was over. I checked who won and the winning team was Dio (Carl) and Isa (Arakune). The 2nd place team was ANG (Carl) and TEN (Jin). I checked how far ABEGEN/Kifa got and they lost far into the tournament to ANG and TEN. After getting back from eating I wanted to play more BB. I played casuals for maybe an hour and a half. I won my first game of casuals vs a Tager player 3 rounds straight. I started to remember to use all the stuff I forgot to use earlier and it made a big difference. Then this one beastly purple Litchi player just fucked me up a few times and got a streak vs a bunch of people. I don’t even know how to block a lot of her stuff still. Probably one of the match ups I have the most trouble with in the game at this point. I played a against a few other various people here and there. I came really close to beating Megane Jin. I was also watching FAB play and it dawned on me that FAB IS Tager! If you took FAB and gave him Tagers body and a slightly bulkier face, he would look JUST LIKE FAB! They both have like the same hair and glasses. I just found that a little amusing. It was getting late and I pretty much had to start heading out. I said goodbye to my partner from the tournament and headed out.
This weekend made me realize that tons of people already have SBO teams decided on. I realized I need to start looking now so that by the time April roles around, I have lots of options to team with. Im gonna try to make an effort to find good players without teams from now on. I also realized I need to start playing more BB. I honestly don’t think im gonna bother trying to get into SBO for BB since I really think im too far behind in the game, but I don’t wanna get too rusty at it since I do like the game. Focusing on GG is a much better idea. If there happens to be a BB qual that’s going on that doesn’t overlap with the time id be playing in a GG qual then by all means I will enter just for the hell of it though since its singles anyway and I don’t have to worry about a team.
Plans for next weekend are still up in the air. Im sure that games and drinking will be involved somehow though :P

Monday, January 19, 2009

Naked Snake

Friday night at Current was the birthday party for a few of the Current regulars. I wanted to go but there was a PTA enkai for my school so I had to go to that instead. The enkai was pretty much your standard enkai with nothing really out of the ordinary happening. In one of the other rooms in the same building, one of the teachers from another nearby school (the one where my friend Cynthia works) was there for a separate party. After the first party, he saw me in the hallway and told me that Cynthia called him and asked if we wanted to go drinking with her in Numata with Liz. I was gonna actually go to the 2nd party, but drinking in Numata sounded like more fun and the other teacher was driving there and said he would give me a ride so I agreed to go.
On the way there, we picked up this one other guy who I don’t really know. When we got to Numata we met up with Cynthia and Liz in front of a Lawsons and then we went to an izakaya. Pretty much just drank, ate, and talked. After that we went and did karaoke for a few hours and did some more drinking. Nothing too out of the ordinary but it was a fun night. Afterwords, Cynthia took a cab home and split it with the other 2 guys cuz they all live sorta close. I live much farther away, so going home by cab would be way too expensive. Instead, Liz said I could just crash on her couch, so I did.
I woke up the next day at around noon. Liz was on her computer just messing around online. I was planning on going to Tokyo today so we checked the next train time to Tokyo and it was in about one hour. However, because of the fact that I unexpectedly went from the enkai to Numata and stayed the night, I didn’t bring any stuff with me to go to Tokyo (basically no change of clothes or toiletries and nothing to do on the train and stuff like that). All I had with me were the clothes on my back and the standard essentials like my coat, phone, wallet, and keys. I didn’t really feel like going all the way back home to get my stuff since the trains around my area only run like once every hour so the process of going back for my stuff could take over 2 hours or longer depending on how the timing worked out. I figured id just deal with it since it was only for one night anyway. I took a shower (but unfortunately had to use the same clothes; luckily in the winter you don’t really sweat so they were ok).
After that, Liz and I got some pasta at a nearby restaurant since I had time to kill till the train came. Unfortunately, the whole process of eating took longer than anticipated and I missed the train. The next one would come one hour later. At this point I was having second thoughts about going to Tokyo. Liz said that her and a bunch of other ALTs would be drinking at some guys house tonight in a sorta nearby but sorta far town and I don’t really know the guy. If I was to go I would probably be stuck driving there so I really couldn’t drink, unless I got my girlfriend to drive me and come with but she didn’t really seem to thrilled about going. In addition, I had no idea about anything special going on this weekend in Tokyo, and since Current was packed with a party the night before, I figured it might be sorta dead tonight.
After eating, I parted ways with Liz and decided to kill some time at a shopping center across from the restaurant. I tried looking for a contact lens case and solution so that I would at least have that for the weekend. They didn’t sell it in the entire place so I figured I could pick one up later. During this time, I was still debating if I should just stay in Gunma or if I should go to Tokyo. I called Matt and Rod to see what they were up to this weekend. Matt didn’t answer his phone. Rod answered and said that tonight Tomoko (his girlfriend) would be having a few friends over for drinking since her birthday is in a few days or something. He sorta convinced me to come out so I was swayed towards going to Tokyo.
I walked to Numata station, got on the next train, and headed to Tokyo. When I transferred trains at Akabane station, I stopped in at the bookstore there in the station and bought this months Arcadia magazine to check out the tournament schedule. While checking the schedule on the next train, I saw that there was a GG tournament at some random arcade out somewhere in Saitama in an area called Hannou (not to be confused with Rod’s handle, Honnou). It was scheduled for 6:30 pm on Sunday night. I had no idea where this place was or how far it was from where I need to be when I go home, but I figured id look into going to it.
I arrived in Shinjuku at about 5 pm. I headed right for Vegas to get down on some casuals. Tons of people were there again this time playing GG and BB. Lots of well known players were there such as Nakamura, En-Slayer, Karun, Kazuki, Hot Zappa, and a few others. I played various games of GG casuals for a few hours, winning some, losing some. After a while I noticed that Tsu was there (the Eddie player that beat me in the G3 ranbat last weekend). This time I was good and sober so I was eager to get another shot at his Eddie. It turns out he really is a solid player. We had really close matches but he beat me 3 times. After that I played him again and I beat him. I guess I don’t feel so bad for losing to him in the tournament because hes a solid player but losing first round still sucked. After beating Tsu, a Slayer player challenged me. It was a close match but I lost. I went over to look who it was and it was En-Slayer. I rematched him and this time I beat him…3 rounds in a row! He then rematched me again but I lost. I then saw Nakamura and he waved hello. I sat down at the other side cuz he wasn’t playing anyone and we battled. I beat his Millia on my first try 3 rounds in a row as well! After that, I got 2 victories against some Venom(s?) and Nakamura rematched me and I lost. I think it was around this time that Rod showed up at Vegas. I also received a mail from Matt saying sorry that he didn’t answer his phone earlier cuz he was still sleeping as a result of staying out drinking till 9 am with some people from Current after the birthday party and going to PSY. Rod and I played casuals against various people for a while and eventually Matt showed up too. After a few more hours of playing casuals, we decided to get some food.
Before eating I picked up a contact lense case and saline solution at a nearby drugstore. We were gonna go to this izakaya restaurant where everything is like 300 yen but they were packed so we just ended up going to Pepper Lunch which was good anyway. When we left Pepper Lunch, one of the guys who works there ran outside after us. I had forgotten my contact lense stuff that I just bought and he returned it to me. Nice guy!
After that, Matt suggested we stop in at Current just for a little bit cuz he told some people that he would be there again tonight. We got to Current sorta early… maybe around 10:00 or so. There wernt that many people there. The first guy we saw when we walked in was The Snus Man! He was there with another Finnish guy who sometimes comes. The Snus Man had 5 fresh packs of snus for us to buy so Matt and I split em. The Snus Man said he wasn’t really up for drinking tonight and was just drinking coke. I guess he showed up just to deliver the snus since Matt saw him at Current the night before. I felt kinda bad that he had to go out of his way like that. The Snus Man is totally a nice guy. Im definitely going to buy him a drink the next time hes there to stay and drink for a while. The Snus Man didn’t stay very long and headed out soon after we arrived. We said goodbye and thanked him. Taka was there, as well as Mogi, Sushi, and Masami as usual. Also, a couple of guys from Cirque de Soleil were there! The tour was back again for the year, and just like last year, they were staying at a place just down the street from Current. None of the ones that were there tonight were the ones I knew from last year, but I was talking with one of the guys and he said that some of the same guys from last year were there again so Im sure ill see them down the road. They will be staying in Tokyo for the next 3 months. We only stayed for like one beer and then we decided we better get going to Tomoko’s place because she lives sorta far. Tomoko lives in a part of Saitama called Tokorozawa.
We had to take some of the private train lines to get out there that im not very familiar with, but Rod knew the way so it wasn’t such a big deal to get there. On the train, Rod was showing me this cool DS game called Hotel Dusk Room 215 which is sorta like a text adventure mystery puzzle game with cool artwork. The main characters name was Kyle Hyde and Rod said he looked like me cuz we have the same hair cut and facial hair and we both have a trenchcoat haha.
We eventually arrived in Tokorozawa and met up with Tomoko at a 7-11 near her apartment where we purchased lots of beer. From there, we walked to her place. In addition to Rod, Matt, Tomoko, and myself, there were 2 other girls there. One of them was Nao, the girl who was at Mai’s apartment the night that Rod and I were there drinking with her and Tomoko a little over a month ago. Nao was already pretty wasted drunk when we got there. She seemed like she was having a good time. We listened to some music and watched some various stuff on youtube for a while like some old match vids and that awesome Marvel video where they got all that hype with guys yellin shit like “scoops! Hagendaaz! Fuck the Knicks! wear your curly mustache!” and other various awesome shit, cuz Matt had never seen it before. It was hilarious cuz Rod showed it to Tomoko previously and she was randomly saying all that stuff in her cute Japanese voice and it sounded hilarious.
After watching stuff on youtube for a while, we threw on the 5th Element cuz Rod brought it over and wanted to show it to Tomoko. About half way through the movie, I hear a noise behind me and quickly lunge forward, narrowly escaping the vomit that just had spewed out of Nao’s mouth! It was almost like a ninja vomit cuz she wasn’t all loud about it at all. It just kinda slid out with a slight gurgling sound and JUST missed getting all over my back. As soon as she finished vomiting she started laughing haha. Unfortunately it made a big mess all over the floor and under the table so we had to stop the movie while Tomoko cleaned it up and Rod helped her. It took a while to clean and I felt bad for Tomoko because she worried about Nao the rest of the night, who spent a great deal of it going back and forth between the room and the bathroom, spending long amounts of time in the toilet. While we were waiting for the movie to start back up again during the “intermission” we watched this one bonus DVD that came with the Arcadia I bought. It had some Blazblue strats, and some SFIV match videos. After watching that, we went back to the movie and finished watching the rest of it. Matt and Tomoko started to get sleepy and pass out during the movie. Rod and I made it through the whole thing. I cant remember when, but the other girl went home either after the movie or during the vomit intermission. After it ended we just sorta sat around all lazily cuz it was like passed 5 am and everyone was wasted, though in all honesty I could have kept drinking lol!
After that, we eventually got up and left. Tomoko had to get up early, so Matt, Rod, and I got some drunken McDonalds breakfast and then headed to Rod’s host family’s house to stay the night. Nao took a taxi home.
Rod’s place was pretty nice and he had a big room. It was pretty comfortable sleeping on the floor. The next morning, we woke up and briefly met the host family dad. He seemed like a really nice guy and he asked a little about us and we thanked him for letting us stay. We also played with the dog they had for a bit which was really tiny and super cute with giant eyes and she was chilling on my lap for a while. Didn’t try to bite me even once!
We eventually headed out and got some food at a place that sold various Japanese foods. I got some pork and rice and udon and we split some gyoza. It was pretty tasty. After that, it was time to head to Hannou station to go to the tournament I found in the back of Arcadia. It didn’t take long to get there actually. Before we exited the station, we decided to ask the guys who works at the station really quick how far we had to go to get to the arcade from there. The guy told us that the station we just passed through to get here was actually much closer. Good thing we asked first or we would have been walking for quite a while. Matt already went through the gate but the dude was nice enough to get his ticket back out of the machine so he could get back on the train for no cost. We then headed to the next station; Motokaji station.
From Motokaji station, we tried calling the arcade to get directions. They gave us some vague directions and we sorta tried to follow them. We picked a direction and started walking. At this point it was already getting dark out since we woke up kinda late and took a while to eat and stuff. We didn’t see much of anything down the road we were on. Rod decided go scout ahead real quick. He ran out of sight around a corner and came back about 2 or 3 minutes later saying that he didn’t see much of anything ahead. We decided to choose another direction. We eventually ran into a conbini and went inside to ask directions. The guy inside sorta drew us a little map but told us that it would take about 30 minutes to walk there. The last person we asked said it would only take 10 minutes to walk there. Since we had no idea who to believe, I just called a cab and he picked us up at the conbini. I told him to take us to Sega World and he knew exactly how to get there so it was easy from there. Turns out the road we were on originally was the right way and we were already like halfway there earlier.
We arrived at Sega World and there was this one Eddie player just playing the computer at first. No one was really there yet. We got there about maybe 45 minutes before the tournament was to start. We played some casuals for a while against the Eddie player and people gradually started to come in. The Eddie player was pretty solid. He went through beating Matt, then me, then Rod, then Matt again. I played him again and then I beat him, but he rematched me right away and beat me the next time. He stayed on the cab the rest of the time. I was the only one able to beat him.
Eventually it was time for the tournament to start and there turned out to be a total of 10 people who entered. This wasn’t a very great arcade. It was kinda out in the boonies and they only had like one cab of every game they had. They didn’t even have Blazblue there. After we all picked random numbers they made the brackets.
The first match of the tournament was Matt vs some Chipp player. However, I didn’t watch his match cuz I had to go take a dump. However, when I came back from the bathroom, I saw that Matt had won his match. Rod told me it was pretty much a beat down by Matt. Good shit. Next a few more people played and then it was my turn. My first match was against some Potemkin player. The game was set to 3/5 rounds for whatever reason instead of 2/3 which is usually the standard for tournaments. The first and 2nd rounds I perfected him. The 3rd round I almost perfected him again but he hit me like one time towards the end of the round. In any case it was a slaughter and he came up and apologized to me after the match for getting owned so hard heh. I think the guy recognized me from somewhere before cuz Rod said he had this look of fear in his eyes when he first saw me there LOL! His face did look familiar but I don’t remember from where. Up next, Rod played against some other Faust that was there. He used I-no. I don’t remember but I don’t think Rod won any rounds unfortunately. I guess he just kinda brain farted or something cuz I know he can do better than that. For Matts next match he got a bye. For my next match, I had to fight another Potemkin. This time, he was much better than the other one. I was doing very well the first round. I hit him with a scalpel pull and he bursted it and I blocked the burst but I mess up my punish and then I sorta just got thrown off and lost the round. From the rest of the match I was just not playing well. I was trying to play TOO safe and too one demensional and I really should have just rushed him down and mixed him up more. I kept freezing like a deer in headlights when he knocked me down and would go for buster setups and whatnot and he hit me with heavenly Pot buster twice…. Ouch. In any case, I lost to him but I don’t really feel like I should have. I just didn’t play that great, unlike against the first guy. Matt then played again and lost to someone but I cant remember who it was. He was already out of the tournament but he had to play one more match to determine who gets 3rd place (even though we both got just as far, he got a bye so he was farther in the bracket than me). He had to play the Pot player that beat me but unfortunately he lost to him as well. The Pot player previously had lost to the other Faust. I felt even worse after that cuz the other Faust beat him and I didn’t. After that, the finals were the Faust vs the Eddie player that no one could beat earlier. Faust put up a decent fight but in the end, Eddie won.
It turns out, the Eddie was none other that Takare, the Eddie player who I met at G3 ranbats last weekend… the same guy who was asking me about Latiff. He told me hes actually a highschool student and hes only 18. He said he actually lives only like 30 seconds from the arcade we were at right now. He asked me some more stuff like confirming that I won the singles and teams tournaments at Evo. Then he was asking me some more stuff about Latiff like if he will come to Japan soon and stuff saying he really wanted to meet him and that he admired his combo video. I told him I had no idea if Latiff would be coming to Japan soon but I said I didn’t think so. He also told me that since he is a broke high school student, he probably wont be going to try out for SBO. He told me that the next G3 ranbat will be at Sportsland next Saturday, so I told him I would go.
After the tournament, they put the game on freeplay for about an hour. Everyone just took turns getting on, playing one match, and then getting off and letting 2 more people play. I played several matches. My first match was against the Potemkin I lost to. I knew I could beat him and wanted to run that shit back so I challenged him to a rematch. This time I beat him pretty convincingly without losing a round. I just rushed him down and didn’t play so fucking brain dead this time and it wasn’t really a big deal. I also played against a Slayer player who was in the tournament and lost in a close one where I accidently jumped over his head when I meant to throw him. I press diagonal up instead of just forward and if costed me the match. Later I played him again and just raped him. Also I had a close win with an Axl who I beat. I also rematched Eddie one more time and it was sorta close but in the end I got Eddied out and he won again. Throughout the day I was the only one who was able to beat him so I guess that’s something… but I still wish I had played better in the tournament. During various parts of the time we were there, both tournament and casual play, Rod was busting out all the Marvel “curly mustache quotes, LOL!” It was pretty funny getting all hype at a 10 man inaka tournament, made it more exciting.
Once 8:00 rolled around, they took freeplay off and Matt played like one more match. After that, it was about time to get going since we had to be at the train station soon or I would miss my last train home. We said goodbye to everyone and I told Takare that I would see him next Saturday at Shinjuku Sportsland. We weren’t sure how long it would actually take to walk to the station cuz we took the cab there but we didn’t wanna risk missing it so we left a bit early. Turns out it really did only take like 10 minutes to walk back. We made it to the station with plenty of time so we stopped at the Yamazaki and got some food for the road. We took the train to the next station and then from there we parted ways cuz Matt and Rod had to go the other way. I eventually made it home.
Overall it was certainly not my usual weekend. Kinda inconvenient not having any stuff with me but I managed just fine in the end. Lots of last minute plans that all worked out pretty well.
Next weekend I will go to the G3 ranbat at Shinjuku Sportsland on Saturday and there is also a Blazblue tournament on Sunday at Alpha Station, so I will probably go to that as well.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Still Alive

When I originally started this blog, I honestly only thought that my friends back home and maybe a few random people here and there from the US fighting game community would read it. As a result, sometimes when I write stuff about people that I encounter within the blog itself, I dont think much about typing personal things about them or things that might offend them or hurt their feelings. The purpose of this blog was to originally keep in touch with people I know and to offer anyone who is interested, some insight on what goes on in the Japanese Guilty Gear community as well as some interesting experiences I have in Japan. I never intended to hurt or offend anyone but perhaps I have. To anyone that fits that description, I am sorry. At any time I write something in here and you happen to read it and find it is about you and you wish me to remove anything, please let me know. Im gonna be more careful from now on about some of the stuff that gets included in here.


Moving on.... I know I said I was going to write a blog entry about Frosty Faustings, but quite frankly I just didnt have any time to do so and I honestly dont think it would be that interesting of a read. We did lots of chilling, playing casuals, getting fucked up together, and all the usual good stuff that goes on at major tournaments. I only entered the GG tournaments and SFIIHDR cuz I was pretty busy running stuff but I had a great time. However, I just want to give a huge thanks to everyone who came out to my tournament. Espessially to those people who ran tournaments and brought equipment for us to use. I truly appreciated your help and couldnt have done it without you. It was a real community efford and I certainly cant take all the credit by any means. Also a big thanks to those who came to compete. It was great seeing a lot of people I know from the US fighting game community after over a year and a half of not seeing any of them. Thanks for all the good times and memories and I will see many of you again soon if I can make it out to EVO again and I also plan to run Frosty Faustings again next winter.

Heres some brief results from Frosty Faustings from each tournament

GGXX AC singles (42 entrants)
1. ElvenShadow (FA)
2. Cue (ED)
3. AKA (ED)
4. SH (BA)
5. Josh the Funk Doc (AB)
5. Blacksnake (VE)

GGXX AC teams (8 teams)
1. Chicago Smoke (Elvenshadow (FA), Blacksnake (VE), SH (BA))
2. Fat stinky blunts (Bob Washington (AX), CUE (ED), Simon Yoo (SO))
3. Washington Funk (Josh Funk Doc (AB), Stark (AX), Talore (BA))

Street Fighter II HD Remix
1 Floe
3 dfly
4 Keits
5 SuperFX
5 Sonny
7 ElvenShadow

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
1 Grego
2 Shaaaady
4 Cameron B
5 Simon
5 dfly
7 John
7 Humbag

Marvel Vs Capcom 2
1st Mark "GLB" Villanueva (lost to no one; Santhrax/MSP/Matrix)
2nd Tony "noise54" Kao (lost to GLB 2x; MSP)
3rd Marc "MadBooFace" Ansay (lost to GLB and TonyK; Magneto Sentinel CapCom, SSCable)4th Derek "Dereklearnslow" Douglas (lost to MBF and TonyK; MSS, SSCable)
5th Juan "beatofdevil" (lost to GLB and Derek; Magneto Iron Man Doom, MSP)
5th Mike "Geronimo" Villanueva (lost to TonyK and MBF; Santhrax, Mitsu, Row, Toi, Illan)
7th Allen Ansay (lost to ? and beatsofdevil)
7th "The Branten" (lost to ? and Geronimo; MST)

Tatsunoko Vs Capcom
1 Floe (Joe/Chun, Ryu/Chun)
2 Grego (Karas/Chun)
3 The Branton (Karas/Batsu)
4 j1n (Rock/Ryu)
5 Random1234 (Karas/Ryu)
5 Keits (Polymar/Alex, Roll/Casshern, Gold Lightan)
7 PBJ Mixah (Chun/Batsu)
7 AVX (Karas/Chun)

Arcana Heart
1 meta (Fiona, Lieselotte)
2 Capps Indigo (Heart, Kamui)
3 orka (Fiona, Maori)
4 Random123456789 (Kamui)
5 NappyJin (Lilica, Kamui)
5 Necrosis (Konoha)
7 pbj_mixxa (Saki, Heart)
7 PaRt2 (Konoha)

Capcom vs SNK 2
1 John C.
3 Jose (Apples)
5 Grego
5 Hector
7 Roberto
7 Arturo (bombchivo)

Fate: Unlimited Codes
1st - meta (Leysritt)
2nd - devildigimon (Luvi, Kirei, Random)
3rd - eric(?) (Archer)
4th - pbj_mixxa (Rin)

And now... getting to this past weekend. It was nice to go back to Tokyo again to chill after not being there for 3 weeks. When I arrived in Shinjuku, I popped in Sportsland real quick to see if there were any tournaments. I noticed there was a GG tournament scheduled for Sunday, but this time I was smart enough to read the whole thing and noticed it was another one of their ladies only tournaments. However, they had another tournament listed for Saturday and it was a G3 ranbats for AC. There wasnt much comp there at the moment though, so I left and headed to Vegas.

There was a good crowd at Vegas and not only that, but there were tons of people playing GG! More people were playing GG than BB even. Lots of old school well known players were there as well. I sat down at a cab and Nemo was sitting next to me and said hi. My first game was against Nakamura and I lost to him a few times in a row. I decided to try to play against someone else for a bit to get warmed up a bit more before taking on Nakamura again. I then proceeded to beat an Anji player and a Bridget player and then the Anji beat me in a rematch so I got up. I then noticed Mekemeke and MIU were here and were chilling over on the other side of the cabs. I talked with both of them at length about some various things. They filled me in on what was up with the G3 situation. There will probably be a total of 4 ranbats. Among 4 different prefectures (Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa) a team will be selected from each of them from the ranbats results and then they will compete in the finals at a later time. There will be 4 rounds of ranbats total and points are accumulated from all 4. I had already missed the first ranbat that happened while I was away. The one tomorrow would be the 2nd of the series. I was also talking with MIU about SBO and he told me that he is actually planning on focusing on qualifying for TvC over any other games this year! Unexpected but it will be cool if he can make it in.

I went back to play Nakamura again and got a win on him. At some point while I was playing, I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to see Rod (Honnou) and Tomoko! Rod wasnt sure if he was gonna make it out tonight becuase he is changing host families and will be living in a different location and needed to move his stuff out tonight. However, since Tomoko is such a nice girl, she helped him take some of the stuff off his hands so that he had time to play a bit and go drinking. Rod went to walk her to the train station and then came back. We played casuals a bit more and I got a ton of games in with Mekemeke. I was going pretty even with him for a while and it was back and forth. After a while, he started to break away a bit and would win like 3 or 4 games for every one game I got on him. I was starting to get a little burnt out on playing. After playing for a while I was getting really hungry, so Rod and I decided we would get some food. I went over to say goodbye to Mekemeke. I was about to apolagize to him for not playing so great towards the end but he ended up saying that I was playing very strong and thanked me for the good matches. I told him Rod and I were gonna go eat and he ended up asking if he could come with us!

So the 3 of us set out and Mekemeke took us to this really great Udon resturaunt that isnt all that far from Current. I got this awsome cheese Udon. We sat and talked a bit about various things and then it was time to go drinking. Mekemeke said he needed to g back home so we said goodbye and then Rod and I headed to Current.

As soon as I walked in, Mogi greeted me very enthusiasticly and gave me like a zillion hand shakes! It was nice to be back there again. Masami was also there working the bar and a few regulars were there like Mai, Yone, and a few others. I also saw John (the guy who I went to Sector 7 G with that one time with Maiyuko, he does photography work for Monty) so I went to say hi. While I was talking to him, all of a sudden this huge big guy comes up to me and get all up close to me and shit. Something certainly seemed off about him and then he like grabbed me and started like semi hugging me. I was just thinking like wtf!?! Then John told me not to mind his friend because he was very drunk and is also almost completely def. He kept trying to say all this stuff to me and I had no idea wtf he was saying because he was talking so quietly. After a few minutes of him giving me that drunken close talking routine, I finally made out him saying "a Jew can always spot another Jew. We recognize our own kind".... and then I was like "...but I'm not Jewish..." and then the guy got this look on his face like I just told him his dog died or something. I wasnt quite sure how to react to that but I couldnt help but find the whole thing kinda funny in a way. Shortly after, John and him left cuz I think his friend was too wasted and they had somewhere else to go or something.

We spent the rest of the night just talking and chilling with everyone. Masami started drawing peoples pictures. He started with Rods and then he drew me and it actually looked a lot like me. Then people started drawing shit on eachother and I dont really remember exactly much else. At closing time I just headed back to the manga kissa.

I woke up the next day, got some food and a cigar for later, and then headed to Sportsland. No one was there yet so I then went over to Vegas where lots of people were playing casuals to warm up for the G3 ranbat. I played for a couple hours. Mitsurugi was there and was beasting everyone with his Zappa. Once it was about time for signups to start, I headed over to Sportsland. People flooded in quick and before no time the place was absoloutly packed with GG players. Most of the usual big name top players were there among tons of other people I dont know or recognize. MIU was there to run the tournament (poor guy never gets to enter anything cuz hes always running shit, but he doesnt seem to mind). The tournament was supposed to start at 2:30 but ended up starting about an hour and a half late. After everyone picked a random number from a container to determine bracket placement, MIU made the brackets and came back a while later. I ended up having the very last match to play in the bracket. I think something like over 80 people showed up to this tournament! I only got a few games of casuals in this whole time cuz the wait to play was just insane.

After checking the brackets, I saw that my first match was to be against an Eddie player and that if I won, the next guy who had a bye was also an Eddie player. As I was walking away from the brackets, someone came up to me and started asking me some stuff. He said his name was Takare and that he was the Eddie player who I would have to face if I won my first match. Out of no where, started asking me about Latiff! He saw the evolution match videos and was asking where Latiff was from. I told him he lives in the US but is originally from somewhere in the middle east (I couldnt remember what country). I guess he admired his Eddie or something. I then asked him if he knew anything about the Eddie player I would be fighting first round (named Tsu) but he said he wasnt familiar with him. We wished eachother luck in the tournament and went back to watching casuals.

After a long wait, it was finally time for me to play my tournament match. I won RPS and chose my side. The first round was real close and I felt like I had it but I missed some execution stuff and it slipped through my fingers. I won the 2nd round. The 3rd round started off bad and I was down by lots of health. I stuck it out there and held on as long as I can with almost no life bar and started to make a come back but it just wasnt enough and I was taken down by Eddie. was pretty disapointed because it was one of those matches where I honestly felt like I could have had that but I just let it slip by and fucked too many things up. The guy was pretty good but I didnt feelt overwhelmed at all. But thats the way it goes, im not in the US anymore, and while it was nice to have that cushion of double elim 2/3 US tournament format one more time, its back to Japan where once you lose one time you are done. In any case, he won, and after my first match I was already out of the tournament. I think my chances of qualifying for G3 are pretty much out of the question at this point since I didnt even go to the first tournament and lost first round in this one, so theres no way ill get enough points most likely. Ill still go to the other ones just to compete anyway but im not actually expecting to get into G3. I didnt even know it was going on right now so I guess I cant say I was all that let down, but it would have been nice if I got in.

I stuck around and played a few more games of casuals here and there when I could squeeze in a turn. I also played a few games of BlazBlue for the first time in almost a month. I fought against ABEGEN's Tager and came within a small fraction of a life bar from beating him somehow. Shoot was sitting next to me and gave me props for playing well but I still dont feel like I know wtf im doing in that game. I rematched him again and lost worse, and then lost in an Arakune mirror match. I then decided I had enough BB and went to play some more GG casuals. En-Slayer was there and was beasting on people with a 30 win streak. I came within pixels of beating him and then Karun faced him the next match and ended the streak. Oh well.

Once the tournament was over (which happened at sometime during when I was playing casuals and not paying attention) I checked out the brackets to see the results. The finals were vs Mitsurugi playing Zappa vs Mochi playing Bridget. Mochi won! Ive seen Mochi around and he is a good player, but given who was all there, I certainly wouldnt have expected him to take the whole thing! I also checked and Takare beat Tsu but then got elimintated 2 matches later. I dont really remember any other specifics about who beat who.

After that, it really started to clear out so I went to Vegas assuming that everyone went there to play cuz its cheaper... and I was right. Anyone who had fears that the Guilty Gear scene in Japan is dead can lay those fears to rest. Its Still Alive! and its doing quite well. I think that having GG announced as a game for SBO again really breathed some new life into the game and maybe the initial hype of BB is starting to wear off for a lot of people. Vegas was just absoloutly packed with GG players playing casuals for hours even after the ranbat was over.

I spent a few hours there afterwords playing but my execution was pretty off all day and I was letting the tournament loss really bother me so I just wasnt much in the mood to play and wanted to start drinking. Matt mailed me and said he would be on his way soon so I waited for him at Vegas. While I was waiting, I decided that since I was playing so shitty anyway, I might as well have fun playing shitty, so I bought a bottle of whiskey from the conbini and a redbull to chase it with and just started swigging descreteley at the arcade while I played. Matt showed up slightly after I started getting drunk.

I had wanted to rematch Tsu after my loss to him in the tournament but I never got the chance... until now. Unfortunately I was already pretty drunk and had already sorta given up for the day. I played him a couple times but he was beating me pretty bad. I couldnt tell at the time, but he was either playing way better than in the tournament, or I was just playing like crap. I think it was more of the later cuz Matt could be quoted as saying "I was just throwing myself at him" and "It was painful to watch". I guess thats what happens when you play in the state I was playing in. After losing to him maybe like 3 times, I just decided to stop for the day. Someday I will have the chance to rematch him again when I am sober so I figured why keep embarresing myself. It was really early, probably only about 8 or 9 pm, but I just wanted to go to Current and keep drinking.

Matt and I arrived at Current and it was a metal event night. It was probably the most packed metal event I have ever seen there! I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that we got there so early, a lot of people take the last train back so we got to see more people there that we normally would miss when we show up at our usual time. All the metal event regulars were there in addition to a few regular regulars. Snus man showed up breifly with some snus for us (which was awsome cuz we were out) and SPG Chris was there too. The most interesting thing of the night was that one girl who sorta looks like my girlfriend slightly showed up, I will refer to her as Ryoko II. Im not gonna get into a lot of details, but lets just say she was hitting on and kissing just about every single guy in the bar, she went outside and gave someone a blowjob and then stopped halfway through (at least this is what the recipient told me) and later we saw her leave with these 2 Japanese guys.

After the place closed, Matt, Chris, and I went to PSY but they were only opened for like a half hour and closed early due to a special event going on the next day called Escape From The Bar. This event to be a 6 hour long concert with several different bands, most of them being made up of the bartenders of PSY and GODZ and regular customers of those bars. We had plans to go to it as well.

As we left PSY to head to get some drunken food, we noticed that one of the guys we saw leave the bar with Ryoko II was walking around by himself. We said hi to him and he told us that she ditched him for the other guy and they went to a love hotel. He should probably consider himself lucky cuz he might have been spared from some STD or some shit.

I was gonna go to the manga kissa to sleep, but Matt convinced me to go stay at his host familys house again since we were both gonna wake up and go to Escape From the Bar together. I was still kinda jet lagged and wanted to take a shower so I agreed to stay there.

I got a good nights rest. I woke up and took a shower. Matt said that for some reason, no one else was home... except for us 2 and the families dogs. As we were walking down the 5 flights of stairs to leave, one of the dogs (hes a pretty large dog) was chilling on the stairs. He started growling at me and I was first, so I had Matt go before me. As we walked passed the dog, he started growling really fiercely and Matt had to hold him back. As I opened the door to leave and started walking out, he lunged at my leg and tried to bite me but missed... luckily. Fucking dog. I dont really feel like staying there again after that shit. I imagine it had to do with the owners not being home but getting attacked by a large dog isnt the most comforting thing.

We headed back to Shinjuku with just enough time to get some quick food and head to the concert venue. We couldnt find it at first. We called Rod cuz he said he was gonna go too but he ended up having stuff to do with his new host family. After searching a bit more, we found the place. It was actually very close to where Mikado and Vegas are. It was called MARZ. It was 3000 yen to get in plus one mandatory drink ticket. It was only like 4 pm but I figured if I have a drink ticket, I might as well start drinking! And thus began what would eventually turn into a 13 hour long drinking session!

Tons of people I know from GODZ, PSY, Current, and Zin were all at this show to come watch people they know perform, or perform themselves. A few bands comprised mostly of PSY and GODZ staff played longer sets and then there was a special gigs section where various people just got on stage and played one ore 2 songs and then the next group went on. A few of the acts were pretty crappy while some other ones were pretty amazing. One of the main bands played a 30 minute jam version of the Metallica version of the song Astronomy. Most of the stuff being played was actually covers. Some of it was pretty good, most of it was music I liked. I think the award for worst performance had to go to this group of guys who did Anarchy in the UK and the singer couldnt even remember half the lyrics... it sounded pretty shitty. Ai was there and played keyboards with her band. They only played one song and did a cover of Rising Force. I wish they played some more cuz they were really good.

During most of the special gigs section, I stood up on the balcony with Matt, Heidi, and Masami, who was video taping some stuff. After special gigs ended, there was an intermission where I walked around and talked with a few people. There was an afterparty scheduled to go down after the show. They were asking for 3000 yen to get in but I found out it was all you can drink so I was considering going. Then later I found out from Heidi that it was only 2 hours long, so I figured it would be best to go to Current instead. Unfortunately for Heidi, she already bought her ticket and would be stuck going even though she kinda didnt want to and was afraid to ask for her money back.

After the intermission there were 2 more bands. I had no idea there were even any headline bands, but these 2 bands were more professional while the rest of the ones were all amature. The first band was called Grais. I never heard of them before but they surprised the crap out of me! I guess if I had to describe their style, it was kinda like a mix of punk/swing/and metal, and it sounded pretty awsome. It was just a trio, and the bass player had a giant stand up bass and it looked cool as hell! They played for a while and then it was time for the final act. I Metallica cover band called Hatallica. When I originally heard there was a Metallica cover band playing at this event, I thought it was just one of the amature bands, but these guys ended up being really professional! They sounded almost just like the real thing. The singer sounded just like Hetfield which is pretty amazing coming from a Japanese guy who doesnt really speak English. He had this crazy looking mullet which was hilarious. The band played the following set

Creeping Death
Master of Puppets
Seek and Destroy
Enter Sandman

After the show, Taka was telling us how like these guys are considered the best Metallica cover band in the world or something. I dont know who determinedt his or if its just his pride of them being as Japanese band getting in the way, but I wouldnt doubt it.

After the show, Matt and I got some food at Yoshinoya and then stopped in at Vegas cuz Matt had an urge to play and we hadnt played any games all day. Vegas was dead as hell. Probly cuz it was a Sunday night (even though the next day is a national holiday, which is why I was still in Tokyo at this point). Only one guy was playing GG and Matt played against him, so I just got on the BB machine and played one game and lost. After already drinking for the past 6 hours, I didnt feel like playing much anyway.

After that, we headed to Current. It was a good night which started off with lots of regular and then after the Escape From the Bar after party was over, tons of people flooded into Current since GODZ and PSY were closed. I drank a TON of alcohol and have no idea how I didnt pass out or throw up after drinking for a total of 13 hours. I finished off the night at Current with a shot of Wild Turkey in hopes that we could find somewhere else to keep drinking after they closed at 5.

Matt, Taka, and I headed to Sector 7G cuz it was the best place I could think of that was opened till 6 with PSY being closed but for whatever reason, they closed early tonight too. Disapointed, we headed to get some drunken food and called it a night. Taka lost his voice and was speaking in what sounded sorta like a whisper-death metal growl and it was pretty hilarious. We parted ways after eating and I headed to the manga kissa once again for sleep.

The next day I woke up, Vegas was dead. I got some food, did a little shopping, came back, and it was still kinda dead. I played a few Faust mirror matches against this one guy whos often at Vegas as well as a few games of BB and a couple more games of GG vs some people. Matt showed up after a little while but Vegas was still kinda dead. At around 4:30 I just decided I was gonna go home early cuz I wanted to see my girlfriend so I just said bye to Matt and headed back to Gunma.

Next Friday night is Megu and Yone's birthday party at Current but it turns out I have an enkai for work so I cant go unfortunately but I will probably be hitting up Tokyo Saturday morning for some more wacky adventures. Keep playing that Gear, everyone. Shit aint dying yet!