Monday, September 24, 2007

Tokyo Game Show 2007 weekend

Yo, so I'm back from the weekend. TGS was pretty sweet, I took a ton of pictures and will be posting them throughout the day on the same page. some highlights:

- playing FFIV remake was awsome, they had a demo for it and when I was in line waiting to play, some guy came around with a small survey sheet asking everyone to vote for their favorite FFIV character. I took the opportunity to ask about the possability of them making a FFVI remake, he said that if FFIV is successfull they will then make FFV remake and then make FFVI remake. I asked if the 3D FFIII remake was successfull and he said it surely was. I would say in maybe 2 or 3 years we will be playing a 3d remake of FFVI on the DS (::owned::)Next to the FFIV demo area they had a big display with the entire FF history with a timeline and statues and stuff, theres pics. oh and they had a trailer for FFXIII, visually it looks amazing but that doesnt mean anything, there wasnt really much gameplay footage, and Im pretty sure there wasnt a playable version there so its too early to say but it could be cool

- I played DMC4 cuz I thought the line would be short but it ended up taking forever, the game seems ok but I wouldnt buy a PS3 for it- MGS4 trailer looks nice, snake looks totally old. I didnt get to play the game since the line was like over 2 hours long and they were particularly anal about people taking a lot of pictures near the MGS4 area. Once again, no PS3 so I dont know when I will play this, I would rather wait for the US version anyway since David Hayder (sp?) is the man

- So they had a big display and demo area for the new Guilty Gear 2 Overture game. The line wasnt too long so I decided to give it a shot. The game is kinda like dynasty warriors with Guilty Gear, the object is to like find these big orb things on the map and beat the crap out of them till they change color. The more stuff you kill the more points you get that you can spend to summon robot support troops and you can sorta semi control what they do. I only got to try out Sol since it was a demo. At first the controls seemed super basic cuz I didnt know wtf i was doing, then some guy comes by who works for Arc and asks if he can explain the game to me, so im like ok sure. He showed me some button combos and moves that give more specials and like super fast dash mode and stuff. Sol can do most of his specials like gunflame, VV, grand viper, bandit revolver. No riot stomp though. The game seems kinda fun I guess but I dont know if I would go out of my way to buy a 360 just to get it. No other new characters were revealed aside from the ones already online. I asked the dude if they would have any more of the old characters and he said he couldnt say at that time but the way he said it made it sound like you can expect more of the old cast to be in the game. Oh yea and heres the part that made it cool.... the man himself.... Mr. Daisuke Ishiwatari was there up on some big balcony with 2 other Guilty Gear developers (I forgot their names) and he was talking a whole lot about the game and stuff but I couldnt understand most of it. They also said the new soundtrack for the game has like 60 songs on it and they played some of the new songs and new versions of character themes. They played Kys theme and Chipps theme which further suggests other old characters are in the game. The new music sounded good too, so if the game ends up sucking at least the soundtrack will be good to have hahah. Oh and I also asked the one dude about the possability of further 2D guilty gear fighters, he said for now they made this game because they wanted to present a "new challenge" for players but he said that in the future they would most likely be making another 2D GG fighter, so we just get to play AC for a while it seems. - There were a ton of other games but those are mostly the ones that had my interest, there was also a shit ton of hot chicks in skimpy outfits promoting games, as you will see in my pictures. For only 1000 yen (about 10 bucks) going to TGS was certainly worth it. My GF went with and had fun too.

- Oh yea, and then theres the cosplayers! except unlike Acen and anime reactor (lol) these were some amazing costumes. In the GG line I saw a lot of GG cosplayers and got pics with some of them. Outside between some of the venue halls there was an area designated for cosplay photos so I got a ton. Most notable was the FFVI cosplay, there was an amazing Locke, Edger, Setzer, and Relm, plus 2 Terra cosplayers and some chick dressed as Mog. (they were all chicks too... hot...)

So then the next day I went to Hachioji (far west side of Tokyo) for a GG singles tourny. Before the tourny I played a lot of casuals and I was beating most people getting some decent streaks, but for a while I played against this one May player for a long ass time and for every time I beat him he would beat me like 3 times. He was good and I HATE May (I think May and Chipp are my hardest matches in the game, anyone else doesnt bother me much anymore). So when it was time for the tourny to start, everyone picks a number randomly out of a jar for bracket placement, and surely enough... 1st round me vs May player! Of course he beats me cuz May ownz me so I lost first round. Oh well, played lots of casuals afterwords and went home.


Theres another tourny next weekend so its cool(BTW thanks for all the happy birthdays and shit, my biggest regret is not being able to have everyone back home give me booze until I pass out and/or throw up. my girlfriend baked me a birthday cake, it rocked me)

Monday, September 17, 2007

First time in Roppongi, Club Sega 3 on 3

Yea Asahi super dry is everywhere out here, it seems to be the average Japanese persons beer of choice, though out of the main common macrobreweries out here (Asahi, Kirin, Sapporo, Santory) I think I prefer Kirin the most, they made an excellent grand ale and dark lager. But Luckely there are lots of good mircro breweries in Japan, theres even one in my town called Tsukiyono craft beer, they make an Ale, Pilsner, Hefeweizen, and Dark Lager. There are many bars in Tokyo that have really good beer on tap but drinking at good bars is so expensive, most places charge 1000 yen per beer.

So yea, I ended up going to Roppongi for the first time, there were indeed lots of bars and lots of skanks. It was pretty fun though, found a good bar called the Hobgoblin that had tons of great brews on tap.

I went to the tournament in Shinjuku on Monday, it was a 3 on 3. Ogawa's team won again (big surprise). This tournament was too serious, EVERYONE there was fucking good, there wasnt a single scrub in the whole tournament, and there was probably like 60 people. I teamed up with the same testament player as last time H2, and we also teamed up with an Eddie player named Zero (note: this is not the same HOS player Zero). We got OCVed by a Dizzy player, named Kazuki. He was really good and got far but later he got beat by Inoue. before, during, and after the tournament I played tons of casuals. I actaully beat FAB...... sorta. In Japan, the rounds are always set to 3 rounds instead of 2 rounds for casuals, I beat FAB the first 2 rounds, then the 3rd round he had one pixel left but came back and then won the next 2 rounds after that Same thing actually happened against Nakamura except Nakamura had more than a pixel left in the 3rd round. I did well against Nanashi too but didnt beat him. I beat some other really good people but I dont know everyones names yet, there were just so many people. I also spent hours the days before at Akihabara playing casuals, lots of top tier players there as well, lots of the same guys. Oh and btw... theres a Krispy Kreme in Shinjuku, I walked there before the tournament started on Monday cuz i wanted to buy some fucking doughnuts but there was TONS of fucking people outside and there was an hour and a half wait just to get inside the store! Insane...

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Akihabara 3 on 3

So yesterday I went to a 3 on 3 GGXXac tournament at Akihabara. I teamed up with a testament player named H2 and an Anji named Gan. We lost to the team that won the whole tournament, chipp/aba/testament. Gan goes first, loses to chipp, I hate chipp so H2 goes next and beats chipp but then loses to aba. I beat aba and then lose to testament in a close battle. the testament was really good, no one could beat him, forgot his name though. oh well, theres more tournaments this month so hopefully ill do better next time, oh yea and I played ogawa the day before but he didnt go to the tournament, hes a beast! I beat him like 2 rounds but I couldnt actually win a match against him